Happy 7th Birthday Baby Girl!

11 Feb

Jadyns 7th birthday cakeHappy Birthday sweet baby girl… Im wondering if God has a bedtime in heaven or if you are awake right now celebrating your birthday with all of the others that have gone before us to be with you. Your big brother remembered it was your birthday and how old you were today… Amazing how much you have touched his heart as well. We love you!

I wonder where we would be celebrating your birthday, and what the theme would be… What colors would we celebrate your birthday with? Pink, purple, blue, green? Would you have Bieber fever like all of the other young girls? What would you love? Would you be as obsessed with legos as your older brother? Would Blake have fully brought you up to speed on Star Wars? And would you be a total geek like your mother at the young age of 7? I think that you’d be tweeting away from the iPad or cell phone that you asked for two years ago.

Each year, I wonder who you would be today, what your laugh sounds like, and what your smile looks like. I wish I knew the simple things like what color your eyes were and how old you were when you lots your first tooth, when you took your first steps. Do you prefer cats or dogs? What would you think of Coachie dog? Would you love him to pieces and would you have claimed him as your doggie yet?

Would you have become an advocate for the two birth defects that you were born with if you had survived? I accepted two proclamations this week, and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would have meant to me to have you standing there with me to accept the proclamation and express your gratitude for what it meant to you as well as to our family, and all of the other babies and children that are affected.

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